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Below are 5 Frequently Asked Questions that are important to discuss 

when searching for your next office space.

  • Is there parking included with the rent?
    Typically, parking is not included in core locations but is included in suburban locations. If parking is included for tenants and their staff, be sure to factor that into the total cost of tenancy as you compare one property to another. For instance, at Victoria Professional Centre, tenant parking is included at a value of $80 per month. With 5 staff members, a tenant receives a $400 value on parking!! Also, be sure to ask about where clients can park.
  • What is the rent cost?
    This can be quoted as a Gross Rent figure per month, or a Net Rent plus Additional Rent (variable for expenses) figure, depending on the property and landlord. Sometimes a quote is given on a square foot basis. e.g. $23 per square foot gross rent. On 500 sf that would come to 500 X 23 = 11,500 per annum or 958.33 per month, plus HST. At The Focal Point Group, we typically quote on a Gross Rent basis. It gives the tenant the comfort of no unexpected variable costs coming at them. A modest 3% annual increment helps us cover inflation on the energy costs, services, etc. that maintain the buildings.
  • Do we have control on office temperature?
    Most buildings enable individual tenant control of heat, however some do not. Please ask us for details on the property you’re interested in.
  • Do I have access at all hours?
    At each of our facilities we enable 24/7 access, however this may not be the case with all properties that you may be looking at. Please ask us for details on the property you’re interested in.
  • What if I need more space part way through the agreement?
    We will help you find the next available space we have quickly and review and revise your lease agreement.
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