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How To Create An Inspiring Work Environment

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Written By Amber - The Pink Millennial

The biggest misconception that content creators, influencers, bloggers (or whatever you want to call us) hear on the daily, is that we don’t work hard. All we do is take pretty photos, work 10 minutes a day and make thousands doing so. This is totally false. As a one woman show, we wear all the hats. We have many roles, including being a makeup artist, hair stylist, wardrobe stylist, photographer, videographer, writer, editor, advertiser, storyteller, publisher, marketer, creative director, accountant and so much more. The photos, blog posts and videos you see, are only a snippet of what we actually do. It takes weeks of planning, hours of creating, endless days of research and planning. What you don’t see behind those beautiful, sponsored posts you see online, is the hours of pitching and negotiating between brands and the countless emails and phone calls with PR peeps before we even start to shoot the content.

Before content creators, brands would have to hire an entire team for their marketing campaigns. The advertisers would then have to hire a stylist, models, a glam team, photographer, content copywriters, lawyers and rent a space to shoot the content. This costs tens of thousands of dollars, but influencers have now changed the game. We’ve replaced many of these traditional campaigns, yet still provide the results the brands want. We are able to provide all this, along with the reach of our following, for a considerably lower cost. Although we are not replacing commercials, magazines, newspapers, etc., we are providing alternative marketing for brands and businesses at a fraction of the price.

Being a successful content creator comes down to creativity and being able to tell a story. We have the freedom to be playful and not conform to the norms of society. That being said, coming up with fresh new ideas and innovative thinking is only as amazing as the environment you surround yourself with. After 11+ years of working from home, I started to rethink my work environment. I started to take a deeper look into getting my own creative space, one where I could feel motivated, inspired and driven. It turns out, establishing and finding a creative space was a creative process in itself. I looked at a lot of buildings, offices and spaces, and although I found some I “liked”, none of them had that “wow” factor I was looking for… until I met with the team at The Focal Point Group.

Unlike other companies I met with, who just saw me as a tenant, The Focal Point Group treated me like part of the family. I’ve now been in my new studio for just over 4 months, and I officially feel like part of the Rains family. Not only has this family-fun business been around since 2005, but they also take pride in finding their clients the perfect space for their business wants and needs. With 10+ properties across Western Ontario, you and your business have endless possibilities to expand and grow, building long-lasting relationships with TFP.

I know if I ever need help, and or have questions, The Focal Point is right there. Not only is the building extremely close to my home, but it also has access to the downtown core within minutes. I truly believe that the space is only as good as the team you surround yourself with. Having the Rains family encouraging, and positive attitudes surrounding me daily, keeps my energy high and helps prepare my mind for expressions. My new studio space leaves me feeling inspired, motivated and allows my true passion of creating beautiful content for my audience to shine through.

I’ve now introduced two friends into the same building as me. This has left me feeling even more inspired, as both ladies are super creative and motivated in everything they do. If you’re looking for a creative or office space in the London area, I highly recommend reaching out to The Focal Point team, or even myself, for more details. Not only do they have a building, moments away from the downtown area, they have spaces all across the city too. Let them help you find your new dream location like they did mine.


Amber is just an everyday girl from Canada with a love of fashion and beauty. The Pink Millennial is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog that focus on personal style, beauty, home décor and so much more!

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