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Profile Of An Ideal Office Tenant

Written by Ross Rains

Just as you have in mind a profile of your ideal office and ideal future office

landlord, we also vet tenant applicants in order to ensure we are a good match!

What do we value most in our tenant family? (And why does this typically lead to tenants renewing 2, 3, 4 + times with us?)

1. You are known for doing great business: If you are serving your clients, patients or customers with excellence, then we know that you will have staying power! If you do not have energy and passion to serve your customers well you will not have staying power. We seek to create professional office environments where tenants can serve their clients with excellence. If that is important to you, we will be a great match!

2. You are a promise keeper: We do our best to not overstate ourselves, but always to keep our promises. In the marketplace your brand and our brand is ‘our promise’ to one another and our customers. It's important to us that your clients see you as a ‘best in class’ within your industry.

3. You are a communicator: Some tenant prospects who reach out to us share little or no information about themselves and do not reply to our responses in a timely way. Sometimes we find that a tenant has a maintenance issue they are living with which we should know about. It's key that we hear and that the correct channel is used. is the fastest way to reach our central

dispatch which can assess the need and deploy the right staff person, contractor or etc. In any case, communication is key. Bottom line is that we seek to be lavish communicators in speed to market fashion.

4. Your business is not a ‘commodity’: Just like you do not want your clients to think of your services as a commodity, we are the same way. You know that when your potential client shops just on price, that they could miss the full potential of what you can offer, which is cost-wise over the long term! Just as you are a specialist in your field, we are commercial office specialists!

5. You uphold our agreement: One thing this means is that you never miss a rent payment, and are always on time to the day. To operate our buildings we have a staggering number of payables to suppliers, utilities, payroll, bank, etc. who each need to be paid on time to keep their companies viable. Some of our tenants even pay early at their own initiative, or receive a large discount for paying one year in advance.

6. You care for your space: You treat your rented space like it is your own. e.g. You know how expensive flooring is and use carpet protectors beneath your chairs. You respect that it takes enormous capital cost to maintain and care for office environments such as the one you have. You care for the sake of your brand, your staff morale, your client convenience and we as building stewards.

7. You are neighbour aware: You keep an eye open for anything that can affect safety, security or maintenance of your fellow tenants, your floor or your building in general. You are respectful of what your office creates in terms of activity and noise from time to time and moderate things as you understand adjacent neighbours may be in quiet session doing counseling, concentrated paperwork or etc. e.g. when doing online meetings, you use headphones.

8. You are green: Not the colour though! Maintaining an environmental (green) awareness is important at work, as it is at home. See our Green Themes charter. You can help us keep rent rates modest by conserving energy, turning off lights when not in use, minimizing trash and recycling as able.

9. You are/could be a raving fan: Referrals are the lifeblood of business. If we have served you well in providing your office facility needs, with good value for money, we hope that you would refer us. If we haven’t earned your refer-ability (yet) help us to know how we could! At the same time, we seek to tell others about you whenever we get a chance, on our social media, etc.

10. You value access to parking: You understand that parking costs in some areas are as high as $125 per spot monthly. You understand that properties with parking pay extra city taxes, pay more in snow removal, maintenance, etc. Parking lots and decks involve heavy fixed costs to the landlord and

are not ‘free.’

11. You keep in touch about your long term needs/hopes: Things change in the life of a business, professional practice or organization. You may be near the end of a current term or only part way through but have need for more or less or different space. This is a time to reach out to us and work

together on solutions. We have transitioned many tenants part way through a lease term. And, in our desire to grow with our tenants we would even consider acquiring ideal future property, where we have an established relationship.

12. You understand that the Ownership/Management is more important than any given property: We serve over 100 tenants across nine major properties, but what is distinctive about us is not our properties but our speed-to-market approach in creating solutions for tenant inquiries or present tenants in transition. With a landlord who is a CEO Coach having worked with companies doing $5 – 50 m. plus in annual revenue, he understands the gamut of tenant experience from business start-ups, to mature business cultures to the nuances of non-profits and social enterprise. And as a two-generation family run operation we challenge ourselves internally on response to tenant requests.

We look forward to learning more about your office needs so that we might help your enterprise thrive and grow! Write to arrange for a complimentary office space assessment.

Profile of an Ideal Office Tenant
Download PDF • 129KB


Ross Rains leads a family run business that provides office facilities to over 100+ businesses and professional in the London – St. Thomas area, through 100,000+ sf of owned commercial office facilities. He is also the President of Tier1 Exec Corporation and coaches Entrepreneurs and CEOs in how to take their businesses to the next level.

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John Steven
John Steven
Nov 22, 2022

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