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The Entrepreneurial Journey

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Welcome to the entrepreneurial journey! That’s what I call a business at your stage.

Not something static or predetermined, but dynamic and ever changing in its opportunities to serve present and future clients with excellence.

My entrepreneurial journey has taken many forms over the years. As a child I dug

earthworms and sold them to fishermen, and collected pop bottles for a two cent refund.

As a teen I discovered the potential of social enterprise by launching city-wide recycling

in a small town and selling the recycled materials to cover costs. This was a precursor to

the blue box era! I spent 26 years in the non-profit sector learning what it meant to provide value on a shoestring.

Now as a commercial office landlord, I have the opportunity to see small businesses,

nonprofits and other professionals to launch the next phase of their development. One

small organization that started with 200 sf ten years ago now operates in 5000 sf

of space with us. Many of our tenants are on 3rd and 4th renewals. We have only been

at this 15 years, but are so thankful for 110+ tenants across London and St. Thomas,

who are ‘at home’ with us!

Each one counts, and each one has a story. I wonder what your story is! I wonder how your clients experience your services? And, if you are known for doing great business?

In these wild times, everything is a little uncertain. But, great customer service is still a goal to strive for. When many business owners are holding back and providing less value during this Covid-19 time, now is the time to lead in your category and chart a new path.

If you decide to move forward with one of our office spaces, our hope is that you will find that decision to be a wise choice. Many think of office space as just a commodity,

a temporary necessity that is easily replaced. We think of it as a “home for your business!”

Meet some of our team. I’m the far right! Mike, my son, on the far left.

Kurt, our master renovator, is in the centre, flanked by Duke and Dorian,

grandsons of mine. We make things happen so operations like yours

can launch, serve and soar to new heights.



the entrepreneurial journey
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