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Green Themes at TFPG Buildings

Written by Ross Rains

Here at The Focal Point Group we strive for Creation-care wherever we can.

We recognize that our buildings are consumers of resources and we want to learn more about conserving these resources as best we can.

  1. We provide recycling dumpsters at our main buildings. (Recycle)

  2. We discard old desks, doors and such items at curbside for pick up. (Re-use)

  3. We call local neighbourhood recyclers to pick up old metal items. (Recycle)

  4. We re-use materials where we can. (Re-use)

  5. We have replaced several HVAC systems over the years for greater efficiency. (Reduce energy)

  6. We have computerized our HVAC systems for greater efficiencies. (Reduce energy)

  7. We have upgraded to Variable Frequency motors for heavy duty building fans wherever we can. (Reduce energy)

  8. We intentionally buy and drive used vehicles. (Reduce energy)

  9. We collect rain for gardens at our main garden supply property. (Natural watering)

  10. We re-use old wood wherever we can. (Recycle)

  11. We have an emphasis on gardens, plant exchange and gifting of plants. (Beautification)

  12. We are moving toward smart thermostats for energy conservation. (Reduce energy)

  13. We are moving toward less toxic cleaning products. (Less toxins)

  14. We do not use chemical pesticides on our lawns or gardens. (Less toxins, more weeds!)

  15. We seek to increasingly recycle unused paints, light bulbs, batteries. (Recycle)

  16. We are transitioning toward LED lighting in each building, over the next 5 years. (Reduce energy)

  17. We pay extra for dumpsters that recycle concrete and brick materials. (Recycle)

  18. We buy reliable, used electrical panels and tools whenever we can. (Re-use)

  19. We encourage tenants to conserve energy. (Reduce energy)

  20. We are experimenting with a 20-mile rule for procurement of needed products. (Reduce)

  21. We re-use printer cartridges. (Re-use)

  22. We plant trees on our properties where we can. (Reforestation)

As a small business, we invite our clients and suppliers to advise us on ways by which we can reduce our carbon footprint further as well as enhance environmental awareness, preservation and beautification.

Green Themes
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Ross Rains leads a family run business that provides office facilities to over 100+ businesses and professional in the London – St. Thomas area, through 100,000+ sf of owned commercial office facilities. He is also the President of Tier1 Exec Corporation and coaches Entrepreneurs and CEOs in how to take their businesses to the next level.

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