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Tips for Sharing Your Office

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Written by Ross Rains

TIP #1

When sharing your office, always be sure to put the arrangement in writing being specific on amount of use and cost, when payment is due, etc.

TIP #2

Consider an initial three month trial and then evaluate the arrangement, to be sure it is working for you.

TIP #3

Remember that these associates are not our tenants, they are your

subtenants, and need to see themselves as your guests.

TIP #4

You need to orient them to things such as building hours, trash, etc.

TIP #5

Parking Permit may apply for additional office users.

TIP #6

You need to coach them on parking anywhere but the ground level deck, which is for clients and guests. Let them know that their clients may

have to pay parking fees.

TIP #7

Have them introduce themselves to any parking attendants so they will be recognized as regulars.

Tips for Sharing Your Office
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Ross Rains leads a family run business that provides office facilities to over 100+ businesses and professional in the London – St. Thomas area, through 100,000+ sf of owned commercial office facilities. He is also the President of Tier1 Exec Corporation and coaches Entrepreneurs and CEOs in how to take their businesses to the next level.

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