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you are a

relocating to better suit your needs

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You are scaling and hitting new growth levels.

It's time to land in a property customized for the needs of your business and your staff.

We have a space waiting for you.


Cavan Cottell,

Licensed Insolvency Trustee

Our Large Organization

Tenants Say...


Our employees and clients have enjoyed the high quality office space, convenient location, and prompt service from the property management staff. Working with The Focal Point Group team is like working with family. They have been extremely helpful, professional and fair in all of the experiences and interactions we’ve had with them. We look forward to staying at 111 Waterloo Street for years to come.

These buildings have space made for you.

340-390Saskatoon Street_5_edited.jpg

340-350 Saskatoon St.

This sprawling building in suburban East London is ripe with opportunity for large organizations.

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